Azeem Educational Conference (Regd.)

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Projects in Practice

Azeem English Magazine

Monthly "Azeem English Magazine", launched in 2000, records the information about diverse fields like mental health, literature, research, science and art. The magazine's objective is to impart social, cultural and literary values among the society.

The Journal of Cultural Perspectives

We have recognized biannual research journal "The Journal of Cultural perspectives" which is dedicated specifically to social sciences. It encompasses research papers that would lead the society to become well-learned and noble.

Azeem Publications

Located in Gujranwala and Islamabad, it is responsible for publishing all the articles, books, magazines and literature material operating under AEC.

Saeed Islamic College

Saeed Islamic College, established in 2015, offers studies, training and research at higher level. The college is affiliated with GCU Faisalabad. The college offers a special scholarship program to the deserving students. The college is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for research and training in different disciplines.

Social Media Platform

AEC considers social media as an imperative device for influencing the mindsets and message dissemination, therefore it actively participates in managing the social media platforms like Facebook, twitter and Instagram in order to produce useful messages that would eventually guide, inform and educate the masses. All the creative strategies are conceived by the skillful and dedicated team by keeping in view the latest trends under consideration. The major goal of the organization is to use the web-based platforms to ensure two-way flow of communication; for the feedback favorably influences the strategies being employed.

The Curtain Raiser

The Curtain Raiser is a student-founded body which aims at utilizing the strong tool of art for social change and awareness. It focusses on the art-based development approach by using the platform of Theatre. The organization also collaborates with other NGOs, private and government organizations to present inspirational messages for social awakening through art and culture. It also tends to promote interculture harmony by also employing the mediums of audio-visual communication which would lead to a moderate society where noble values are practiced. The organization is led by a dedicated team and provides a wonderful platform to the young talent to explore various opportunities in art and culture. The organization has performed a number of plays on national and international level, each one of them were received generously by the audience. Furthermore, much of its work has garnered wide acclaim and has won several accolades on national scale.

Past Projects

Azeem Academy

Azeem Academy was set up in 1990 which has been performing its defined responsibilities with absolute dedication. The academy focuses on advanced and modern learning through various collaborative and creative techniques. The academy is equipped with a highly sophisticated audio-video language lab which makes learning easy and exciting. Moreover, apart from the variety of academic courses, students are highly encouraged to take part in extra curriculars. Expert faculty members employ exclusive teaching methodologies to make coursework simpler and easier for students. Apart from the formal education, the academy also offers special courses, diplomas and training programs for professional and ethical grooming of the students. The academy has a "Research and Publication Cell", which keeps on monitoring the trends in the training courses and programs offered. The cell chalks-out ways to incorporate latest methodologies for effective communication and to make favorable advancements in the curriculum of the training programs. The academy has produced a number of bright students who have achieved distinguished positions in their respective fields ranging from literature to computer sciences.

Azeem College of Computer Sciences

Azeem College of Computer Sciences is an institution operating from the main branch of Azeem Academy. The institution is equipped with state-of-the-art computer lab and highly trained staff. The major purpose apart from imparting the formal education, is to train the students for the practical fields pertaining to Computer Science and IT.Modern teaching trends are supervised thoroughly, and are fused in order to make teaching effective and interactive for all the students.