Azeem Educational Conference (Regd.)

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Core Members

Dr. Muhammad Azeem Farooqi

Patron in Chief

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Dr. Muhammad Azeem Farooqi is a religious scholar, who has been the pioneer of Azeem Educational Conference, and presently, is helming as the Chairman (honorary) of the organization. Besides his absolute finesse over religion, his dexterity extends to various other fields of academics as well; he holds more than 17 graduation degrees of different fields including predominantly languages, communication sciences, history, computer sciences, law, business and special education. He is a profound author who has penned down more than 20 books on variety of subjects ranging from ethical values, religious philosophies, mysticism to other educational themes, which have been published by renowned publishers. Being a dedicating educationist, he has been rendering his teaching services in various distinguished higher educational institutions of Pakistan for over 30 years. Moreover, he has also supervised the pupil community in different competitive and supplementary exams of Pakistan.He is an adept in research and has studied Sufi-thought of Naqshbandi in his final Ph.D. research. He has also published a number of research articles on different religious topics in various notable research journals of Pakistan. Furthermore, he has always been keen to amplify his vision and knowledge by seeking teaching and research avenues which would also lead him to polish his research skills thoroughly. Through Azeem Educational Conference, he aspires to influence the student community to enhance their knowledge by providing them ample platforms for learning on formal and informal basis. Besides, he yearns to utilize his vision and educational prowess to inculcate the enthusiasm of research and education among the student community by guiding and facilitating them in various training programs and special courses. His major mission is to promote social awareness, development and visionary expansion by employing creative, modern and innovative approaches for message dissemination. He also aims at encouraging and motivating the masses to learn and educate themselves via modern channels including social media, audio-visual communication, research journals and art specifically theatre.

Muhammad Naeem Anwar

Vice President

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Mr. Muhammad Naeem Anwar has been affiliated with Azeem Educational Conference for the past twenty-five years. He deals with operations of the organization and also renders his services as the director of Saeed Islamic College, Gujranwala where management sciences and various other disciplines of biological and social sciences are taught. The institution also offers technical education including English courses and computer literacy. He also supervises a dedicated scholarship program for deserving students. Furthermore, he is also associated with Azeem Publications, which involves the management of Azeem English Magazine, Cultural Perspectives (HEC recognized research journal) and various books.

Hafiz Muhammad Umer Farooqi

Vice President(Hon.)

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Umer Farooqi is currently enrolled in PhD Mechatronics Engineering specialization in Human Organ-on-Chip Technology at Jeju National University, Korea. He is also dedicating his services as President of the international students' body, Jeju International Students. He is working as Vice President of Azeem Educational Conference and also as a sub-editor of Azeem English Magazine since 2015. Before he did his BS (Hons.) in Medical Laboratory Technology from Rawalpindi Medical College, he was a Ravian and also lend his services as sub-editor for the GCU's monthly "The Gazette" from 2007 to 2009. He has done his MS in Microbiology and Immunology from COMSATS Institute of Information Technology. He has also been a visiting lecturer at Rawalpindi Medical College for four years and has been a master trainer at Pakistan Biological Safety Association.

Muhammad Ali Farooqi

Joint Secretary

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Muhammad Ali Farooqi is presently enrolled in PhD Pakistan Studies at QAU Islamabad. He is working as a joint secretary in "Azeem Educational Conference (Regd.)", and as a Bureau Chief in Monthly "Azeem English Magazine". He has worked as the President of "Quaidian Dramatics Club, Quaid I Azam University, Islamabad" for four years. He is also the founder of The Curtain Raiser. The Curtain Raiser, a student-founded body, is dedicated to strengthen the social awareness and development process through art-based development approach specially using the unique platform of Theatre. He has led his team across several national level drama competitions and festivals across the country. Throughout his journey, he has worked on various themes, in relation to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, including women empowerment, gender violence, child literacy, health issues, mental health, corruption and wildlife conservation through the medium of street theatre, radio dramas, short films, documentaries, live theatre and social media campaigns. He also organized multiple national level drama competitions and workshops to give a platform to youth of the nation to showcase their talent and works in a positive way. His diverse genre of work has resulted in national level acclaim which reflects by his remarkable achievements. In relation to his youthactivism, he was featured in the annual blog of 'Theatre Across Borders' by "Thespo", a youth-based organization in India. Moreover, he has an honor to be part of National Cultural and Film Policy as youth activist and volunteer head. He worked with his team in the National Artists' Convention 2018 held at Pakistan National Council of the Arts and drafted Pakistan's first ever National Cultural and Film Policy. Being a President of the club, as an actor and director as well, he has led his team and performed on many national platforms in prestigious institutes and not only did he perform but won several major awards.

Imran Khan
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Mr. Imran Khan is presently rendering his services as Assistant Professor of English at Islamabad Model Post Graduate College H-8 Islamabad and a Visiting Faculty member at Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad. He has done his M Phil in English Literature from Govt. College University Lahore. His M Phil has sharpened his skills of creative writings since he himself is a poet, playwright and dramatist. After his appointment as lecturer at Govt. Dyal Singh College Lahore, the dramatics activities of the college were organized by him. Now he is Incharge of IMPGC H-8 Islamabad Dramatics Club as well as the Editor of the college magazine. He is also the playwright and co-director at the Quaidian Dramatics Club, Quaid i Azam University, Islamabad. His Drama "Sarisht" and "Girah" have been performed at Youth Drama Festival, Pakistan National Council of the Arts, The GIKI All-Pakistan Performing Arts Competition, FAST University Lahore, IBA Karachi and NUML Islamabad and have secured first positions in these festivals respectively. His dramas Sarisht and Mein Haan Waaras representing QAU has been nominated for the Thespo'18 Mumbai and Atellier's Act Festival Delhi 2019 respectively. He has won the award of Best Playwright in numerous national level drama festivals of Pakistan. He has also represented the Dramatics Club of Quaid e Azam University Islamabad on Such TV. Being the student of Ph.D. at Quaid i Azam University, he is doing research on Punjabi Resistance Literature.

Anjum Iqbal Butt
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Mr. Anjum Iqbal is a lawyer and supervises legal affairs of Azeem Educational Conference. He has been a local councilor, and has been involved in plenty of development projects including pavement of roads, sewerage related issues, provision of ration, sponsoring education programs and other official matters.

Muhammad Qasim Chishti

General Secretary

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Mr. Qasim Chishti is a businessman by profession and works as a General Secretary for Azeem Educational Conference. He is a philanthropist and works on various community-based projects including annual community marriage programs, in which he arranges collective marriage ceremony for 63 needy couples. Moreover, he also lends his services for resolving different issues and challenges faced by the people of his community.


Sheikh Iftikhar Ahmad
Dr. Sanaullah